The H&S Advantage

At H&S, we believe that beyond providing outstanding bookkeeping and accounting services, our role is to help you control costs, enhance productivity, enjoy peace of mind and achieve success. We contribute in all these areas by providing value-added partnership advantages including:


When you partner with H&S, you eliminate the need for an in-house accounting or bookkeeping staff. This also eliminates the costs for related benefits including vacations, sick time, health insurance and other fringe items which often represent 30% of an employee’s total compensation.


By relying on H&S Business Partners, you will no longer need to dedicate office space or equipment for an in-house bookkeeping staff. And, you will not have to spend time training new employees or contend with employee turnover.


The H&S team takes great pride in fulfilling every commitment and exceeding expectations. We meet deadlines, understand your priorities, and will respond quickly to your requests. Our full-time staff is always available to answer questions or provide support. And, although we work from our own offices, we make regular visits to your business or organization to discuss your needs and exchange financial information.


We custom tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Depending on your needs, we can provide our services at an annual, hourly or per-project rate. In addition, we can be available seven days a week to meet your work schedule.


We utilize the most advanced computer software and technology to assure that your services are handled effectively and efficiently. No matter what software system you are currently using, we can easily integrate your system into our own. Additionally, our technologies enable us to compile data and reports quickly and accurately, so that you can make informed business decisions.