Q. How are your services billed?

A. All of our services are billed on an hourly basis, and billed bi-weekly. For those clients that prefer a fixed monthly cost, we work with the client to calculate a rate that is fair for all parties.

Q. Why should I outsource my accounting vs. hiring an in-house bookkeeper?

A. There are many reasons that outsourcing proves to be an efficient and economical solution to your accounting. Our offices are staffed with over 16 professionals that bring various levels of expertise & experience to the table. This enables us to adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients, as well as provide them with the various levels of expertise needed at different times of the accounting process. Additionally, although your bookkeeping and accounting needs may be part-time, we are always available to you on a full time basis. Of course, you only pay for what you need! You get all of this without designating any office space for your accounting staff!

Q. Will we be assigned a contact person?

A. Yes, your business will be assigned a primary contact from our staff that will work in conjunction with one of our Principals. Depending on the volume, you may even be assigned more than one contact. Additionally, all of our staff is cross-trained so that if you have a need or question and your primary contact is not available, your questions will be addressed by a knowledgeable member of our staff right away.

Q. How is financial information exchanged?

A. A bonded courier service makes weekly visits to our clients to exchange the financial information. All information is transferred in security sealed packages, similar to those used by payroll companies. Additionally, many clients also prefer to utilize fax, e-mail, or the various mail services to send information to us.

Q. We feel a need to have occasional “face to face” time. Is that possible?

A. ABSOLUTELY! We realize that a crucial part to the success of our relationship is being available and accessible to our clients. We are more than glad to schedule a time to meet face to face with our clients.  Meetings can be held at either of our 2 offices, or at your office.