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Non-Profit Services

Supporting Your Mission

Whether your mission is raising funds or providing health, social and community services, non-profit organizations have very special needs, and must adhere to strict criteria for financial record keeping and reporting.

H&S Business Partners has extensive experience and expertise in bookkeeping and accounting for non-profits. In addition to our full business capabilities, we offer support and reporting for grants and funding related to foundations, and federal and state entities. We can respond in whatever way is necessary, even at a moment’s notice. Our efforts allow you to concentrate on the important work of your organization.

Over the past 15 years, we are proud to have played a role in advancing the initiatives of numerous organizations, including:

  • Churches
  • Immigration Support
  • Mental Health Services
  • Education Foundations
  • Advocacy Agencies
  • Elder Support Services
  • Breast Cancer Awareness & Education

Our non-profit receives funding from the City of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania and Federal Medicaid. Our documents are often numerous pages and require great detail and accuracy. H&S completes them on time and correctly. They always work diligently and responsively. Sometimes, I act as if we are H&S’s only client. But they have never made me feel that I am asking too much.

— Joel Goldberg, Executive Director, Quality Progressions